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If you have teeth that have been weakened, whether through extensive dental work or through injury and natural deterioration, then you will require crowns in order to strengthen them and ensure they remain healthy. A crown can also be used to correct aesthetic issues, such as discolouration or irregular shape. With a crown replacement will retain your mouth’s natural feel and appearance, blending in with your other teeth, getting a long-lasting solution that will feel no different to the real thing. 

At Brinswoth Dental we offer different types of crown procedure, depending on the unique needs of your situation; Bonded crowns, metal free crowns, and gold crowns. 

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Bonded Crowns

The most common type of Crown to be fitted, bonded crowns consist of a veneer of porcelain bonded to a base of metals. Offering a combination of aesthetic appeal and durability. 

Metal Free Crowns

These crowns consist entirely of porcelain with a perfectly natural look and shine. This makes ideal for front teeth, due to their high visibility and prominence. Many different materials are available dependent on the region of the mouth being restored.

Gold Crowns

These crowns, made entirely from gold without the addition of porcelain, are incredibly durable and strong but are not recommended for usage on teeth in the front of the mouth. Instead, they can be a great option to shore up back teeth and provide structural support. 

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If you need to replace a missing tooth or multiple from the same area of the mouth. Then the Bridge is one of the more popular, and effective solutions. Providing a natural-looking replacement, that will retain the natural structure of your mouth. Meaning you can smile, chew, and speak just as you did before. Restoring your confidence with a solution that will have permanent staying power. The process is not time-consuming or uncomfortable, and Brinsworth Dental usually have the final bridge fitted within 10 days. 

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